Clothes give me life especially beautiful well-designed feminine items. A few years ago, my little space that aids my ranting aka www.thejedasblogger.co.ke was born from a place of love and a passion for self-expression. I was this campus chic looking for something fun to do with the extra few minutes I spared away from all the hustle of Uni. You guys get the idea, right? I mean, who doesn’t know about all the term papers, proposals and project work that entail the making of a campus degree. I will not even get into stories of exam weeks on campus. Exam weeks were quite another story on their own. With that said, I still wish to reminisce with you on my love for reading, but we will do that some other time. We still have enough time to talk about that later on coz my blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
So, love and meaningful fun turned into must attend appointments with my campus peeps, beautiful venues for photo shoots and the camera. Weekends with my pals, taking crazy pictures became the norm for me. Choosing the best outfit would almost take me a whole day. We would joke and howl about awkward poses. To be honest I dearly cherish those profound moments. Reminiscing at those fun photo shoot makes me value the power of female friendship. Female friends are a catalyst to an exponential amount of growth in my life as compared to my male closest friends. Topic worth a blog post though not today. I digress, shout out to all my truest female friends.
It’s been years and the routine remains the same for me, photos and more photos. Now that means I need to be on the prowl for outfits like I am hunting in the wild. Few months ago, I stumbled upon a floral midi dress. Shopping, especially shopping for feminine items, is one of my favorite hobbies. When buying these items, I mean business.
For me buying clothes falls into three categories investment, slaying and easy debut clothes. The investment should be items a little bit expensive and worth my coins. The slaying category are items generally won by this girl when she wakes up in the morning and wants to be ratchet and appreciate her fine body.(Please ladies you should own quite a few of this Freak-um dresses as Queen B calls it) .Lastly my easy debut are the ones I would rock with so much ease like this midi dress. With the sun out I have been layering it with some minor changes here and there and the novelty of layering it more is slowly wearing off.
Thanks for checking my post sending you hugs and kisses x

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