What goes through your mind when a day, a week, a month and year pass? Do you either gaze at the ceiling letting the thought of I have wasted too much time freeze you or do you just sit and simply whine about how life is unfair? Sometimes I get caught up with these kinds of thoughts and it always baffles me how a man-made construct called time really flies. Recently I stopped this whole thing of New Year resolutions. I would check my resolutions from time to time trying to see how much I have achieved and I realized it wasn’t serving me well. So, long story cut short, I stopped. Honestly speaking, a glaring and uncomfortable reminder of time is running out would flash erratically through my mind every time.

Whilst a New Year signifies a fresh start on a new blank page, I just decided to allow things fall into their rightful places and in their own divine timing. In as much as I have an end goal this 2019, I have not practically written over Mercy’s do or die New Year resolutions. Sigh! Though some people may beg to differ and think it’s way too cool to have New Year resolutions. That is fine too. I’m a firm believer of you need to do your own damn thing sis/bro.

I look so beautiful and terrific here i love it.

In other news Ladies and Gentlemen, I re-rocked this masterpiece and sublime skirt. I must confess it is the newest amatory item I own at the moment (cringe worthy crush as I put more emphasis, I’m sorry it is just how I feel). I bought it last year. Sincerely speaking I have not had the guts to wear it. Something tells me if I find myself rocking this delightful skirt my eyes would hurt. I love this skirt people, true love indeed. Ironically in as much as this girl loves clothes from midi skirt, miniskirts, Ankara’s (obviously), denim jeans, skater dresses and skirt, and you name them anything vaguely feminine and fashionable. If I truly treasure an item I always find myself skeptical on rocking it. Nonetheless, my free time is fleeting. I’ll have to leave this post as short and sweet.  To anyone who spares their precious time to read my blog. I want to sincerely appreciate your effort by giving you a tight and warm e-hug.

 Oh! I almost forgot the week of love is finally upon us. Happy valentines to those couples truly in love (love is such a beautiful thing), unsure about their relationship, single, divorced, married and anyone in between. The single folks or those of you who are unhappy in a relationship (Please girl or boy if you are unhappy better pack your belongings boo cuz you’re not a tree) .It’s just a day (a weekday to add more icing on the cake) and it will surely pass by my darling. To get motivated check God bless x

A woman with a hidden Treasure

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