Hello everyone and Happy New Year I hope you didn’t miss me too much I’m back again. Where do we even begin? I have slacked on the blog this time around with concrete reason which is; I was extremely busy last year .Secondly my photographer relocated to Nairobi and getting a photographer who matches Mercy’s taste is quite an uphill task. You see in this world of blogging photography is key especially for a fashion blogger like myself. Generally human beings are visual and we get quite attracted to beautiful things so good photography skills are quite essential to me. Additionally anyone who knows me personally knows I’m kind of  a perfectionist and extremely picky if I like you or your work shows that  you are drop dead amazing or your damn too good  and oh boy !you are lucky.  I love things done in detail and passion. I sincerely hate work done haphazardly and so I can’t blog just for the sake. I take my blog very serious cuz it’s what I love doing with so much ease.

 Last year on my Christmas post here I talked about gifting ideas for your loved ones but today I’ll talk on the books I read last year, why I loved them and why you should hunt for them. For a long time I was a festive season connoisseur but the novelty is slowing wearing off I find it extremely ridiculous to celebrate and anticipate for it. Hey big girl here maybe that will one day revive when I get my own kids in the future. As for now a 24 year old girl with less baggage gotta make time for herself by reinventing and reshaping herself to be the better version of herself for herself. So last year I immersed myself with different books for pleasure partially because I read to know I’m not alone in the hustle and bustle of what we call life. Monday to Friday I’m usually busy with doing what is expected of me when it comes to attaining a post grad degree. So on Friday  if I’m not going to say hello to my parents I usually buy myself fruits that take me the whole of the weekend ,download as many E- books as possible and buy few series. Rush to my small quiet house and make myself busy.

Last year I read books that inspired me to a whole different level and gave me a new outlook on life. Onto my first book The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Vincent Peale chapter 13 talks about the inflow of thoughts can remake you, here is my fave paragraph `The greatest victory of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of their minds as you think so shall be so flush out all tired worn out thoughts fill your mind with fresh new creative thoughts of faith, love and goodness. By this process so you can actually remake your life’. Somebody say Amen lol ain’t this so powerful honestly. Breath of fresh air mixed with a strawberry scent I loved it.

Secondly, Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon .Sidney Sheldon we all know he was a fiction genius. His creativity takes you to absurd height. What I loved about bloodline is the level of anticipation the book gives you. You want to swirl and swirl with his words sincerely a fiction jewel that take you around the world from Nairobi, Rome to New York oh what a wonderful book .My current Sidney Sheldon reading is a Stranger in the Mirror  though I have barely scratched the surface.

Thirdly The Principal Thing by Pastor David M Kituyi he is friend of mine and on top of that I was privileged to attend my first ever book launch I graced the occasion and we launched this divine book. Rarely do I read Christian books I find them super boring and I can’t pass some few pages without falling asleep. This book gave me purpose as I read through I’m not yet done reading it and up to task to complete it. If you are delving deeper to the journey of spirituality then I would gladly recommend this book.

There is this one that comes last on my list here but that does not mean it’s the least. Eye opener book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki closes the chapter on the list. A classmate of mine who is also a good friend decided to gift me this thoughtful book. The size is small but size does not matter anyway when a book is rich. Robert Kiyosaki a Japanese American who came from a middle background and today he is a self- made millionaire. The book is rich and straight to the point. If you want to overcome what Robert calls Rat and Race game that is revolving around from generation to generation struggling financially you have to think. Robert gives an overview of how well educated folks with many degrees constantly struggle financially is because they lack financial intelligence. They spent so much on liabilities other than assets. Poor people have poor spending habits, middle class spent too much on liabilities so as to pretend they are rich while rich people spend their money on assets. He laid out this favori thing that sticks in my head. An asset as he explain is something that increases your finances while a liability something that takes money out of your pocket. If you want to die poor spent as much as you can on liabilities so as to impress some few people and majority of the people do not care. As a young woman who wants to venture into business it was great reading this book and so should you read Robert’s book.

I have read other books as well but this four stood out last year. I hope you read any of these books. Coming from a tribe that is known to love business ventures so as to increase wealth I have conformed and subscribed to this stereotype of if you want to be poor seek employment if you want to be rich seek employment and after the working hours I will use again what Robert says mind your own business that is have your own business venture. Being a typical Kikuyu (Please I’m not tribal at all you my reader don’t roll your eyes thinking again another tribal rambling) I would highly recommend Robert’s book for everyone who believes in hard work and the power of financial independence.  

Thank you for taking your precious time and reading my post have a productive 2019.Sending love and positive karma on your way x

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