Its’s the most magical times of the year.Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. Today it’s a beautiful day ,light illuminating in every corner.People sharing meals with their loved ones.The whole atmosphere is generally warm and inviting. Most importantly we are alive some of us healthy full of energy to start the next year.I don’t really take it for granted celebrating this holidays. It’s always a gift that God gives us .I’m always super grateful

Today being Christmas I want to list down gift ideas that you can gift your parents,siblings,lover and others in between. For the folks who are last minute shoppers. When Christmas day looms whilst time has ebbed away and you have the pressure to gift your most precious ones.Relax and let’s go shopping

1)Know what your loved ones like.For parents it can either be electronic gadgets, households utensils, hardware tools.Something you truly know your parents will appreciate.Do not be a person who assume  your preference maybe their preference as well

2)Be familiar on what’s trending. Gone are the days when trend didn’t matter. This trend gifting options can apply to your lover.It can be chic sunglasses, reading glasses , a hot pair of shoes,fitness gear gadgets. Anything trending can make a good gift

3)Book cozy joints and restaurant. If that’s a wish list from your loved ones.For siblings this can be a great way to catch up.Especially if most of you are located in different parts of the country. Play tennis,swim or even chess. Have fun. It’s worth it if you can afford it.

4)Buy a cake.Cakes are yummy ,delicious and have a lovely way of showing how much we care for our loved ones.You can personalize the cake words in whichever manner you want to express your gratitude.This is a flaccidly ,lucidly brilliant gift idea

5)The last one you can also gift your loved ones a book, magazine. This Christmas if you are position to gift me.Take note I’m obsessed with the idea of having this two books. The things I’ll tell my daughter by Joan.Caroline Mutoko did a review of it I’m seriously hunting it before  research start to pile up .The second one is Purple Hibiscus by my girl Chimamanda Adichie. If you know me personally. You definitely know I’m a positivist and over the years I have sourced my inspiration from different positivist. I’m a die hard fun of Ms Adichie and Ms Mutoko.Love them

The stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved one has been solved in one way or the other.The idea of praying for Santa to perform a Christmas miracle has been pushed to 2018That’s all I hope you enjoyed the post.Merry Christmas people and sending positive karma on your way x

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