Hello everyone !!!

Happy new month though some few days have passed making the month to be a little bit older.It’s a cold season evident by the running of noses from almost everyone. Let’s push that aside cuz I don’t think my outfit portrays that.I’ll probably do a post about keeping yourself warmer and look fashionable. Sometimes when the cold season descend upon us.We find ourselves layering almost every warm item we find in our wardrobe and it doesn’t end up that great.I can actually attest to that

So moving on my wardrobe has a veritable treasure chest of A&Fitch top that’s screams and want to be layered with almost every skirt and jeans in my wardrobe. For the records the top is from an entrusted online shop called Fareeygravy fashion.They hooked me up with this .I actually wanted a white one unfortunately they were all sold out.I thought why not try out a yellow one and viola!!!!!.I’m one of those kinda girls who are highly irritating especially when they get all doe eyed when setting eyes upon anything vaguely beautiful. I’ll scramble for my credit card my ‘fren’ and get myself one.I’m sure if you set your eyes on the top and shoes oh !Lord you would be as awkward as me.Most people can relate to that.

Have a lovely and productive week????????????

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