Hello everyone .Can you believe it we are almost ending the January month .I thought I should let you know especially if you are that kind of  a person who sets New Year resolutions. I have tried but it doesn’t seem to work somehow.

Anyway this year I’m hoping to do something different in terms of styling. I want to be more creative. I have been very traditional which is a bad thing. Especially when trends and creativity is so dynamic.One thing that won’t change is this styling. Few weeks ago I got to style this pair of jeans and I couldn’t help my admiration cuz 1)I’m beginning to think yellow is one of the boldest favori´color.I love colours but yellow dude it’s refreshing

2)Another fave thing about  this top it is something free and fun to party in that it won’t leave you too self conscious about your food baby belly .Considering the Christmas food for chops you just had and hitting the gym is a little bit tricky

3)One thing about jeans they are versatile, fun to play with and to top it they are girls best friend. So sometimes styling jeans it’s kinda fun especially if you have various breathtaking tops,bomber jackets and turtlenecks to match

4)I wasn’t  really good in choosing the right pair of shoes to go with this styling. Remembered trying different heels and flats in my wardrobe and couldn’t decide at all.Luckily this block embroidered heels pulled the look.I think I chose them to add a little print/color with the lovely floral at the back sideI hope you have enjoyed the post have a lovely month.Sending positive karma on your x

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