Hey birthday girl!!!.


Once again God has granted me his favor of another year.The sun will be blindingly bright today cuz it’s my special day lol.Today i feel everything has just come alive .I want to sincerely give God thanks for the love and grace that he has showered me for the past years.Been alive and healthy today i don’t take it for granted at all and you shouldn’t too.I have seen his endless love and i know his mercies will follow me all the days of my life.So today being my birthday i would wish to list some self love ideas.In case you aren’t familiar with self loving here are a few tips that i think can be helpful


1)make a cuppa

Any tea will do ,but a flavoured cup of tea is even better though i hate tea .What i know is that when you experiment different naturals flavourings using herbs ,spices and fruit they all coin down to self love.Fresh mint is wonderful and excellent for digestive systems.Nettles are fantastic contain natural relaxants.Ginger root is also brilliant.Many herbs bring out great flavoured tea   and many of them have real therapeutic properties.Though i don’t take my own advice when it come to this 🙂JPG_1609_795x1200[1]

2)Take catnap/power nap or even deep sleep

It’s not easy at all but still perfectly possible.Take a quick  nap it’s nature way of recharging and re- energising .A lunch time snooze is even practical for home workers.It just requires the realization that doing so is acceptable and beneficial .In Kenya we are conditioned unfortunately to think sleeping during the day is just lazy rather than healthy.At some point in life conventional Kenyans will wake up to the realization that many people derive enormous benefit from midday siesta.Sound ridiculous?. Tell that to the many millions in the Mediterranean who thrive on midday siesta every working day, and this is almost certainly related to longer life expectancy and lower levels of heart disease


3)Go get a bottle of water

Here’s why ,most of us fail to drink enough water not tea,coffee,coke etc .All of your organs including your brain are strongly dependent on water to function properly .It’s how we are built by our God .If you starve your body of water you will function below your best and get stresses,Get a body well hydrated by drinking at least 4-8 glasses of water a day


You don’t have to wait for your birthday to love yourself no way self loving should be enhanced day in day out.I’m not saying one should be egocentric all i’m saying in the process of self loving fun fact is that you will find yourself loving others too .Have a blessed day .Wish me a good and a blessed day too as i enjoy my birthday

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