Hey peeps đŸ™‚


I spend my weekend doing some good reading ,finishing my class work and praying too and you also know its my last sem and i’m very honored to have this God given opportunity though it is hectic cuz i’m working on my project as well,but i know God will show me his grace like he has always done


Okay my outfit is pretty basic as usual, i was slightly worried that i was doing a little too much but i just decided to go with this look anyway.I got this jacket two years ago and i love it .How often do you find a random red dotted chetah stripped jacket ????? (excuse the typo).The jacket makes it easier for me to pull off the normal trend that i run away from sometime #thejedasblogger brutally honest lol

DSC00472[1]DSC00472[1]DSC00474[1]DSC00478[1]DSC00479[1]DSC00518[1]DSC00523[1]DSC00480[1]Have a blessed week ,spend your valentine in a Godly way as you impress your equal too.Don’t forget to shower some love to family,parents, orphans ,the sick etc please do not be selfish and above all glorify God for his unconditional love xDSC00505[1]DSC00481[1]


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