Hello guys.I hope you have all been enjoying this month.All our regards goes to God for enabling us have life.I have slacked on the blog due to recent priorities.I’m quite happy and it’s feels good to be back (with Usher’s voice).I love switching up from vampy to easy breezy.Simple with just my mood when it comes to blogging


You know blogging requires passion and dedication i would rate myself from a scale of one to ten,five.That’s not so bad considering i have other things in my life that requires my all in all.So hat’s off to those consistent bloggers.Who get the time to blog whilst working it’s not easy btw. Especially in my case when my brain is filled with lot’s of work.Sometime i work as far as Saturday all in the name of looking for this penny.Though is a win win case for me cuz i’m fuller pocket wise lol


Aside from that i did a shoot some few weeks ago.I didn’t like some of the pics and what that particular guy did.So later on i thought why waste all my pics,money and my precious time mehn.I did some adjustment to the best of my ability to this outfit and thank God we are now here.I’m afraid this are the pics worth a blog post i’m sorry




All in all please enjoy God bless x


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