I always say revisiting some items and adding some new items it’s just simply breathtaking. It makes you feel that your creativity level is actually increasing. That’s what at least I told myself after I stared at the post pics and tapped myself at the back lol.It get me super exicited to get dressed up.Often I wake up and have a mental picture of my day outfit or my shoot outfits.I check the new items and try to create my authentic styles with the help of Google off course .The blazer makes me feel like a corporate girl and not a student.The idea of constant reading makes me feel somewhat drained and my sense of fashion maybe zero #postgradthings.When things are less tougher the blazer pop in.My pair of jeans which I blogged sometimes back are now literally bursting due to Jedas wearing them often than any one of you can imagine .My bigger boobies and small butt put them together with all this clothes and a delightful girl pops out.Although I’m always dressed up when I’m in very good mood but I think most of the time cuz my love for clothes is way beyond anything. Comfort is also key thing and making an effort of comfort. It usually revolve around this styling and solid pair of comfy shoes.With all that you can feel fabIn other news for the past four days lectures decided to strike which I think is politically instigated and God knows when the strike will be over.As the saying says when life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it.I have had this precious time for myself trying out new things.My time will not be wasted AT ALL.There is something very liberating about having your own time and not wasting itAnyway how has been your past month?. Can you believe it we are in November. The year has zoomed by so quickly making us feel noticeably meh! In regards with our 2017 goals.In my own case I have achieved 2 or 3 annual planned goals but most importantly my family and I are alive and healthy that’s amazing and a great blessing. The rest girl you are still young make use of your youth and you are going to achieve someday. Sometime all you need is to COUNT YOUR BLESSING ONE BY ONE AND YOU’LL BE ASTONISHED WHAT THE LORD HAS DONELovely week x

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