Hello everyone been long but I’m back.Done with undergraduate ,must confess it has been a long journey i thank God i made it.Hope everyone is good too.Okay back to my usual blogging.DSC00045[1]

I think one of  the things that make me own my style is creativity.I want to believe that my style is relateable,accessible and creative. What i know is that fashion is relative and what works with me probably will not with you.Personally i tend to stay away from over flashy,fancy and gaudy outfits.Not everything in the market is made for me .Yah!!! i know that .Which most of us should know that too but do we really ???DSC00057[1]

I love trendy staffs but it doesn’t mean i should own all trendy items in my closet.Hell  nah!. I remember speaking to my pals saying that my style is about making sure,outfits fit my petite body perfectly.





That’s all for today enjoy the pictures


God bless you all love you x


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