Happy belated Easter.Trust you did enjoy.Personally i did , i traveled had fun,took pictures probably you will see them soon and blah blah blah


That’s beside my story today.Okay being 15 it was easy to get excited about chess.It gave me not only few minutes of my brother’s attention and approval.But the comfort of knowing i’d taste victory.Either my brother was allowing me to win always,or i was the prodigy he wanted me to be.I know that was crazy but i would like to believe it was the laterDSC01205[1]

My dad was always watching us hoping that i would beat my bro and evolve magically to be a chess genious.Which probably i’m not .Till date but i must confess I’m  so much better.Speaking of my dad,the relationship i had or either have with my dad is rather complicated in a good way though


I love him and he loves me too much; that is understood.But his idea about fatherhood was orthodox.We didn’t play catch in the yard which African culture would term it unorthodox,but he did teach me maths.I have always hated maths but my dad  made me feel maths is all about playing with the damn numbers.He also didn’t take me astros games i’m sure that sounded irrelevant lol but he made sure i knew how to speak,pronounce and learn words from the newspaper


We are so close but the most weird thing only on his terms .Which at times it suck.I must say ,that upbringing  has made me who i am today .There is nothing as beautiful as having lovely parents.Though they overprotect me and I’m like hell crap Mercy is a grown ass woman:-) we should always appreciate our parents.Adore them pray for them .It’s a gift to have parents


(excuse the misbehaving hair)


(the girl in the blue  dress screams beauty i know!!!!!! i wanna own it Sheilah )


Be blessed today, remember to say thank you to the Almighty God and glory to Jesus Christ for sacrificing his life to save Mankind BYE X


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