Hello,It feels like forever since I last posted here.I think the weather and political climate is partially to be blamed.Feeling spectacular huh about you ?.A lot of things have happened in my life making me to be super grateful. So today I have recreated this fantastic look with my cringe worthy clothes

I have always been obsessed with skater like dresses/skirts.I’m yet to find a skater skirt if that happens obviously you’ll be the first to know .I feel like recreating styles is important cuz one look fresh from the stores.I recreate style often especially whilst going to work. Though I have other latest acquisition from Fareeygravyfashions.I can truly put my heart on sleeves and say I really love and adore some of their clothes.

Other than looking fresh the art of closet maximization gives you options in terms of styling like here.This actually applies to both female and male (most male readers says the blog is to girlishly). It has to be cuz I’m a girl but recreating styles is practical for both gender)It’s always boring to look repetitive and I always give a thumbs up to those fashion guru who get that art correctly.Honestly, you can dig in this styling. It’s practical and the jacket fits in right.It’s perfect for everyday look and running errands especially if you have some sandals that make it easier for you to move around.Other ways to style a beautiful blazer is shown here.Have a lovely week x 

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