Hello everyone! Welcome to my small space once again. Believe it or not, I consider this platform a home of sorts for me. Isn’t it said that home is where the heart is? Well, my passion is here and this is home sweet home for me. Happy New month! I still cannot fathom how this year seems to be literary flying fast. Honestly, as the days pass by I never take any God given time on earth for granted. Being alive, healthy and having my loved ones healthy as well it’s just enough for me. So, today I stop for a minute and think of how to showcase my gratitude by saying THANK YOU to God. Well, I’m not here to summon a Sunday service but I thought once in a while it’s good to appreciate what most of us take for granted LIFE. In this spirit of appreciating life I’ll share one of my favorite poems by Jonathan Kariara 

Mercy trying an old damn pose.Sincerely speaking I rock self love lol

                                                           Grass will grow

If you should take my child Lord
Give my hands strength to dig his grave
cover him with earth
Lord send a little rain
For grass will grow

If my house should burn down
So that the ashes sting the nostrils
Making the eyes weep
Then Lord send a little rain
For grass will grow

But Lord do not send me
I ask for tears
Do not send me moon hard madness
To lodge snug in my skull
I would you sent me hordes of horses
But do not break
The yolk of the moon on me.

This month be kind, smile more, learn to be a better person, appreciate people’s success, read a book or two and finally be positive in all what you do. God bless x

Forget about my thighs focus on the poem

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