Hello my good people.I’m blessed this special day.I wanna give God thanks for his love and grace.Giving me life ,family et al. I’ll be damned not to say glory be God


Okay today’s outfit is basically a throw back Thursday. I bought this outfit  couple of months ago .I’m not sure how i have been surviving sartorially with it especially with the wide chest area.I love it anyway cuz it goes with almost everything and can be worn year round. Even in cold days? Yep,girls day out ?oui ,hot days uh huh honey.


I like it i like it quite a lot (with no jacket off course).It’s safer to say that i live for days when i just wake up and wear clothes not just clothes but good clothes .Clothes that brings the desire to go forth into the world with kind of strange happiness and pride.Pride that glitters and glow in and out .As much as i would die  to have this days day in day out.Life has a way of changing and twisting your current mood.May be in your esteemed work place(you know colleague drama),on your way to shop a white collar shirt,brogues for winter,mustard tights etc and many other places


That should not make you have a silly sad face juggle with all that crap and have a broad smiling face lol.You know the art of balancing emotions.It’s stupendously cute.Try this during your bad days by taking a sanguine view of all the problems.Any way that’s all it took ages to post this up so apologies for my wierd dippy in and out.Be blessed x


some extra tbt







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