Sometime all a girl want is to have fun with her clothes.Though i’m looking at my hair and seriously thinking who the hec told me to to trim my hair this far


Anyway i wore this ankara skirt i made sometime back.I didn’t know what to wear with so i grabbed this cute little top and viola!!!..I think i hit a happy maximum with this top come to think of it.Later on i thought why not take some few pics i’m thinking of pairing it may be with a turtleneck or anything cute i come across but mostly i’m thinking to go black girl meets Cyndi-Lauper .Let’s see that how goes cuz the detailing on this skirt is out of this world.I remember the first day i debuted it i received so many compliments.I think i’m falling in love with skirts.Speaking from my own opinion skirts are super simple outfit for running errands.Correct me if you think otherwise



Have a great week ahead x


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