Hello guys, words cannot possibly describe how awful the rains and cold have been for the past freaking days.It literary felt as if Nakuru is experiencing winter but hey Kenya has no such crazy climatic condition.I almost wanted to cry walking down flooded paths.Usually my dad drops me to work and picks me later in the evening but for the past few days the routine had changed for some known reason.I must confess it was so stressful but i thank God i made everything work despite how frozen i was by the time i got home.So aside the cold days i have had good times.I possibly think i wanna share some  three random staffs i either learn’t or love currently

1)I haven’t secured myself the dream job yet but that hasn’t made me not to learn.A few weeks ago i mentioned i was working in a hospital here in Nakuru .Though , i didn’t state that i’m working in a HIV/AIDS department.Working with the people living with HIV/AIDS,testing both outpatient and inpatient.It’s a huge task i can’t possibly mention everything that i do but i love the experience.At first i was really scared seeing children,teenagers and the adults struggling with the deadly disease.Whilst listening to some of their stories can’t help but shed some of my tears.If your keen enough you will realize that Kenya’s new infections has increased to hundred thousand annually .Globally Kenya stand the forth in terms of HIV/AIDS .That doesn’t mean we can’t do something we can stop new infections by

a)If you and me are responsible enough the only cure to this whole madness it’s either you abstain or be faithful to your one partner is that simple guys

b)lets decrease the level of stigma HIV/AIDS patient are not half human they need to be loved like any other folk


LETS STOP NEW INFECTIONSWP_20160712_002[1](In a meeting discussing ways to fight HIV/AIDS)nko InstagramCapture_cec739db-054c-4ed4-951d-e06057a894e8_jpg[1]WP_20160714_013[1](in the line of duty with the only liquid excluding water that passes down my throat)

2)IMG-20160710-WA0012[1]Farida makenzi

This lovely girl went against all odds aside from being my cool bestie she’s now the new miss in my former campus.We’ve shared the same stage but she was more determined in modelling than i was.Modelling ain’t my thing honestly i participated last year  cuz everyone thought i would make a good campus ambassador lol

3)I’m currently in love with in common by Alicia Keys if you haven’t heard then you should listen to it

Be blessed and stay safe wherever you may be



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