Hello trust you had a good day.


I know a lot of people would want to know my excuse of my inconsistent blogging ,as you all know i lost my grandma couldn’t believe ,got so preoccupied with a bunch of stuffs and lost track when it came to blogging .All in all glory be to God.I came to realize that life is all about phases things keep changing unexpectedly what we have now maybe the next time we won’t have the luxury to say we still own it .Love and cherish worthy people and those around you cuz none knows the next second,treat people right always forgive and avoid holding grudges they are never healthy at all .In a nutshell  that’s my excuse of my inconsistency


i went through my wardrobe after that long break and I’m thinking of creating space for some new clothes that I’m planning to buy and that will remind me of clothes that i haven’t worn .I have some clothes that have turned to be my uniform due to Mercy putting them on more often than you can even imagine lol.I’m loyal to anything that work quite good with me,still wanna rebuild my wardrobe with some almighty staple heels.As i said on my fave 2015 post that i needed some flamboyant shoes.I managed to buy my 3 inch blue heels they are so comfortable which makes me love them more ,will try styling them with other different attires.


I  got pissed after checking my wardrobe everything looked so unloved lol and i could  call myself a serious blogger ??? a shop came for my rescue and helped me look so Gorg 🙂


That’s all for today, have a great week guys x

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