Feel like ages but i’m back.I agree been long but as i always say things get along and we actually forget what we love doing.Hope everyone is great.It feels like i blinked and finished my undergraduate.I still can’t quite believe everything has flown quickly.It literary feels good to bumble through life with an end goal.It has been a rushed,exciting and exhaustive experience.Probably because i was intensely focused on doing well like getting good grades.I thank God i have a clear understanding of my strengths and weaknesses academic wise.

Secondly, i moved out from my school and relocated back to Nakuru.Honestly it has been so cold making me to simplify my style and focusing on comfort ,warmness and neatness cuz the weather is going from hailstones to blue skies within hours

Thirdly, I ‘m working temporarily in the Rift Valley General Hospital Annex Nakuru as a medic.Whilst attatchment i did a short course which was totally different from Sociology .I think i will be there for a short time before getting a permanent job.It’s a pleasant experience working with more mature people.It makes me feel i have a long way to go.Which makes me understand why everyone older than me and matters in my life are constantly on my neck saying i should start my masters soon off course i love the idea.Though constant nagging kinda makes me feel pressurized.I seriously wish this culture of work yourself to death dies cuz it’s unhealthy mentally.Don’t get me wrong i’m not promoting laziness just having a loud thought lol.

I pray and hope every laid plan goes as per planned and by the grace of God everything will fall into it’s rightful  place someday.That,s all for today just thought of having a little chit chat with no pics cuz i think not everybody loves pictures.However a new post full of bright pictures coming soon .Be blessed stay safe wherever you are

bye till next time x

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