Hello and happy New Year LOL

I’m back by popular demand flat white lie obviously. I’m back because it has been a while since I blogged so what have I been up to lately?
I promise I am not abandoning my fave little space aka Got so busy hoping to get my financial self into shape. A girl has been insanely busy working with an organization that deeply matches my personal values.

Completed my master’s degree (drum rolls please; also my defense panelist and supervisors were extremely proud of me.) I’m grateful to God, also thankful to anyone who spared a minute or two to wish me well in life. It felt great couldn’t stop smiling and saying a little prayer to anyone who celebrated my day .My academic journey has been quite tough and full of lessons to learn.

Met and Made new friends, I guess its cuz I truly love laughing and happiness is my all day Mantra. If you get to know me in person, you will always have a good time. I’m funny and I love creating humor.
I guess this where I wrap up my little convo .Currently I feel extremely blessed, opportunities are coming my way and I have found myself catching them on time. I’m also working my way through life .I have challenged myself in ways I couldn’t expect. I’m such an indoor person and nowadays I feel naturally inclined into outdoor activities (A yay for me please). So in short my brief update ends. I’m typing this at the comfort of my beautiful house and sipping a glass of mango juice after a long tedious day. It feels miraculous to even imagine how far I have come. In case you feel like giving up darling always know everything is always working out. Whatever you want IT’S COMING, TRUST IT and I promise everything you want will come to you at the right divine time.

With Love Mercy

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