Friday is one of my favorite days especially when the sun glares and its temperature can be felt between my bones. Which I also think I’m speaking on behalf of weekend connoisseurs like myself (I had to insert connoisseurs one of my favori word). Weekends gives me extra sleeping hours, relaxation and watching any series that I come across .Anyway last year some few days ahead of Christmas I did a shoot so keep your eyes peeled for more as I will showcase all the outfits on the blog as usual when I get the time to.

Onto today’s outfit the casualness in this look is not my favorite cup of tea. I’m not in awe with this kind of styling especially for a blog post. Nevertheless I look great and I decided this post should be up on a Friday since casualness and Friday goes hand in hand. That’s all, today’s post has been brief compared to my last post here. Enjoy your weekend .Au revoir.

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