• Happy New year! Happy New year ! to all those who celebrate New Years like me i feel truly blessed to celebrate and usher in the new year thank God.New year for me is always a wonderful time because it marks change .Change for me in the sense that i will grow a year older and wiser in terms of age,learn new experiences and meet new people who will be a blessing in my life Amen and many more

So this New Year we traveled and spent most of it with my family and some few family friends.We cooked off course some tastiest brunch and enjoyed each others company.This New Year it definitely lived up to our New Year expectations.My family I to be precise are New Year connoisseurs lol. Which is pretty awesome to spent fresh starts in a good way

Last year i graduated from my uni happiest day ever i truly thanked God for all the kindness he has showered me over the past years.I also learnt new experiences and this year i’m hoping and praying God to fulfill all my heart desires.Through faith next year i will testify what God has done in my life,be an exceptional in what i do, enroll for my masters degree God help and many more.Those are a few of my new year plans off course not all them

Lastly to all my consistent readers i wanna give you a big e hug and to my new readers hi five for that tell a friend to reads Mercy’s blog lol thank you so much.I’m really grateful and 2017 lets make it better.So keep your eyes peeled for more.As i celebrate all my fave annual outfit evident from MY 2015 FAVE click in case you missed out.So as usual here is my annual recap.Enjoy and make your 2017 worthwhile .God bless x

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