MY 2017 FAVE :A fresh start

Happy New Year People. The feeling of a new year is always epic.Enthusiasm, expectations, dreams and in general any chill that comes up during the first few days of January. It’s such a wonderful thing ,especially people having an intense  crackle of joy,hopefulness and on the other hand determination on how to spend the few coming weeks whilst broke

So this year  I tried to get away from the usual way of spending New Years. My family, friends and I drove down to cosy joints.Jumped for about one hour in a bouncing castle, tried to hoop,ate some delicious meals and watched people skate whilst laughing. I haven’t felt so at peace and childish for a very long time

Resolution? I don’t think I’m a resolution kinda girl.Every year I set up my resolutions  and sincerely speaking I have not achieved most of them.Hopefully I’ll get to achieve quite a few this year. Though the feeling of setting new plans on a blank page.I know it seem cliche but we can’t deny how indescribable it is

However, I’m thankful. Most importantly I’m alive if there is one thing I never take it for granted is my loved ones and I being alive .Honesty I feel blessed and lucky. I hope to end this year with the same blessings or even more cuz last year was magical. Something tells me 2018 will even be better for all of us.

Let’s make it happen. Let’s trust in God in every aspect of our lives.Hopefully by the end of this year we will testify what God has done.May your 2018 be filled with love,light and prosperity. Have a productive year x

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