Hello everyone my Monday is fab how i hope yours is superb okay i ‘ve always liked the easy like look this dress gives .I can dress it up or  dress it down depending on how i feel or where i’m going i thought it was pretty basic when i first bought it but hell no.


When i dress it up  i get good complements so have decided to try it out and satisfy my ever drooling besties oh God  they really drool a lot more on my cinderalla dress


This dress just fits right for me and makes me feel  comfortable but it is also important to put on the right inner wear to avoid the VPL situation(what i mean is visible pant line) it can leave  some unheard insults and obviously none want to have such situations


Its December and i’m almost  completing my course in a few months and i think i should probably get ready to either get back to Nairobi its been long after completing my  high school and my family moving out from the city,but i’m a frequent visitor lol or just stick around my hometown Nakuru i’m yet to decide cuz i wanna enroll for my masters .


So  i have no concrete plans about whats  going to happen when i get back but i guess we’ll just have to wait and see DSC04036[1]

By that time everyone will be graduating can’t wait and moving to different  angles of life and sometime we  have that uncertainity about the direction of friendship i had the  same feeling after completing my high school Is everyone going to make an effort to keep in touch? and keep the fire burning but c’est la vie (its life) .We depart to progress getting stuck to the same old usual boring day to day activity can be quite unhealthy Moving on makes us more experienced ,knowledgeable and optimistic  about life Anyway Great week guys x

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