Two days ago i was bestowed the honor of being crowned huzzah !!!!!!. After a tedious journey that had me give my all in all.There is something so exciting about new beginnings.Thoughts of rebirth all over my head.I give glory to almighty for the far he has brought me.In the process I’ve had my fair share of my ups and downs.Despite that i came out a winner in terms of good grades.

A lot of good things happened in my life whilst campus.I learnt the art of being myself despite all the crap at times wrapped on my face.Before learning that i worried too much and fret ,pushed and pulled myself till i was tired and discovered self love is paramount equated with hard work.I had faith in my self and here we are

To be honest after i completed my undergraduate i was incredibly naive in the sense that life would be sunshine and rainbows so after being thrown to the real world my brother.I had to appreciate the little things my golden parents gave me. I can proudly say that i made them happy.Through  out my education journey my parents have supported me. I pray that may God  enlarge their territories and guide them each day of their lives cuz they are such a blessings in my life.Long life is their portion

Lastly i wanna thank my loved ones hey there, who took their time to congratulate me in every way they could either through calls,texts ,spend their money on me,put my pics on their social networks saying how proud they are .I Love you guys so much and God bless you



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