Hello ! Hello! ,So on this glorious day ,here comes my first outfit on my new blog.DSC_3483[1]

There is nothing as exciting when something is as the way you thought .Oh ! God I’m finding my new blog to be veritable treasure trove chock a’ block with some pictorial uniqueness hard to see lol.At first i was scared and felt a little bit sorry for whoever the poor soul was.Who helped me out with this new blog .On the other edge i ‘m laughing over my poor old blog.It seriously needed some good upgrade the not so glam side of blogging.You want every detail about you to be crystal clear.To avoid forever squealing and complaining.Blogging makes me to be extra finicky about almost everything


Oh boy ,the re branding brings out the classic Mercy and it’s sexier to see my hobby solidifying more and more as i mature up


I’ve been dying to own a fab blog and i’m super excited that at last i have it now .To be honest whoever did this ,did a phenomenal job.You all could agree me there is so much creativity especially my readers from my trojan blog.Definitely he deserved a big Thank You which off course i saidDSC_3471[1].

Hoping you’ve all liked it as much as i have (sorry for the dark background i thought the pics would be absolutely fascinating though they are đŸ™‚


Be blessed xDSC_3485[1]

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