Hello everyone .Where do i begin okay today particularly i wanna share some few things that most of you don’t actually know about me.Sounds cool?

1)I love reading not necessarily to pass examination but to learn more obviously and be knowledgeable in different aspects of life. Off course not maths.

2)I’m a christian,i believe any one who prays is elevated to absurd heights

3)I like to proclaim myself as an open person.I question language,media,people and culture.

4)Cuz of no 3 i don’t really equate marriages as a point of success in my life .I think is a stage that comes in life.So for me my point of success is equated with what i have achieved in terms of accomplishment

5)I love smart fellas I’m intrigued by wise words.My circle of friends were really smart esp in Campus.I hope to find others as such.So that for me is and should be a necessity choosing a life partner

6) Cuz of no 5 i’m snot a homosexual.From my own opinion being a homosexual is not wrong but i get very strange inboxes.I’m heterosexual people.

7)I love laughing even things that don’t seem funny to others.Also that relate to how emotional i am  really cry way too much even to the slightest issues

That’s all by the way it’s so cold here in Nakuru i feel like crawling in my warm bed and never leaving .Unfortunately the reality of the world will never allow you to behave like that oops

Selfie as a brides maid in one of my friends wedding we actually wore this

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