If you find any typo please excuse me y’all as the post is set to be emotional. When I was a teenager I suffered from low self-esteem issues shocking right? I hated every part of my body .Never thought of taking a look of myself at the mirror, I felt I was ugly enough and admired the girls who would stare at a mirror and the reflection of themselves put a huge grin on their pretty awesome face. That explained why I basically had no boyfriend. As years passed these pretty women their feminine feature would accentuate whilst wearing a skirt or a blouse. While Mercy was the skinny girl with neither no boobs to show nor hips to show. At 17 years God answered my prayers and boom my boobs grew big and I now knew I would not die single (At least a man would like me oh! Lord I was stupid). So I stopped being a flat chest girl to woman who is pretty endowed front wise as a teen while your peers have stiff boobs that matches their age. Strutting along the busy city of Nairobi with my red skirt and big boobs idle and ridiculous boys small enough more than they can ever imagine would tease me. Hurling hurtful words to 17 year old one that struck me the most was your boobs are too big seems like you have breastfed 5 toddlers.

I took this pictures mid last year.I didn’t think they were great enough for a blog post until my closest pals told me they are worth a post.Hey! I’m a perfectionist please don’t judge me.Anyway thanks to them and here we are

That day I went to Muthurwa market looked for the tiniest bras and forced myself to look like a normal teenager. Obviously that didn’t boost my esteem and some of my classmates did a hopeless job in encouraging me. As years passed the esteem issue kept on deteriorating pushing any man who even thought of flirting (By now I regret cuz I didn’t enjoy the teenage dating) . After I completed my form four my boobs issues were still lingering .One day I disclosed to my mum I would love a medical procedure that would reduce my boobs drastically. My mum looked at me with that African mother kinda look the next day we were off to the market to hunt for a bra that would fit my boobs without hurting them. My mum encouraged me and she told me they were beautiful and it’s okay to have big boobs. I choose a cream bra apparently with no significant reason. Wore for the first time a fitting bra glanced at the mirror and genuinely smiled without feeling awkward or hating myself. I remember that was that day I felt VERY BEAUTIFUL and I was grateful to God for making me extremely beautiful (At least I told myself that and believed it till to date). Today I’m proud of who I am, I truly adore and treasure myself. No one in this world can put me down because I’m fearfully made. I feel sexy looking at my big, brown boobs. I wear a bra that makes my boobs look great enough. I’m not ashamed of my weird coco brown skin. It’s Gorgeous and SO ARE YOU.

I hope you enjoy this post x

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