You all know I’m lesser fuller at the bottom the less pear shaped girl.I try to dress right for my body.This ankara skirt fits right and i feel comfortable on it .Especially with this kind of pull neck .Though the top screams due to my chest ratio :-). I think it’s perfect for an African theme.I added this belt to make things more interesting and the necklaces too were part of playing along with the looks.Hope you all like it.


The excitement of spending most of my time out of class. It also makes me less busy,and that feeling of being a big girl .So after completing a fun course.I learn’t so much and met few interesting people.There were some students from my secondary school so that made me feel relaxed .Still we all have or had those annoying guys around .The kind of people you wanna smack and punch so hard.I managed to torn down and let everything fall into it’s rightful place.That made me to seriously mind my own life at least.Friends can be God sent or the other way round don’t wanna mention


So on Saturday we attended a wedding with my pals.Unfortunately i forgot the camera so no wedding pics ooops.I had the best company lots of laugh and catching up off course.The wedding was fab but honestly,i didn’t like the bride maids dresses.Though the theme was blue and my fave colour pink.The pink dresses looked a little bit messy .The choice by maids kinda reflects what some people choose to do  with things they have as gifts in life.To begin with ,life in itself is a gift which demands good choices to be made to get the best in everything.Now good people ,as you make choices in the gift called life make them nothing but the best.Unlike dress code choices which can be changed anytime, some life choices lead to consequence that are irreversible.


May the Lord bless you all. Have a week full of good choices x


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