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Hello everyone there I’m  hoping you’ve had a fantastic day as usual mine was busy with too much books , exams around the corner I’m the kind of chic who goes for more than 100% I’m so serious about it ,that’s why I’m so damn busy but exams would not make me blog no sir.I made my hair  and I’m in love with this new trend on me.I think it makes me look younger,refined and hotter always cool to give credit to yourself.So today we have some outfit of the day (OOTD) hence the blog tittle at first wanted to call it candy girl but did get the logic behind the candy girl tittle, i mean why call it candy girl.I got this thought after someone called me candy girl which was kinda sweet but i guess will look for a relevant outfit and call it candy  girl. Additionally my black sandals was love at first sight and would slap myself hard  if i didn’t own one. I tried size 37 unfortunately was too small so i ordered size 39 the same type and it took ages to find them.So the hustle sometime makes things worth cherishing (this also goes as well  to the dudes  lol).I feel like wearing them more often than you think regardless of whether I’m  looking good or not as long as everybody sees me with them kinda crazy of thinking when you deeply in love but don’t need people staring at me and thinking is she nuts or something .Haha .Have a superb week guys LOVE you all

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