Hey guys,had a lovely weekend trust you had a lovely one too It’s almost end month and i must confess this is a season of God’s sovereignty and how we need to put trust in him .Put no confidence in self or flesh and i mean it .It’s Jesus who came for us and his power manifest in us through the holy spirit.It’s only his power that can help us overcome sinful acts and habits.


How many times have you offended people and ask for forgiveness ?????,many are the times we think apologizing is lowering our ego and esteem ,that’s not the case for sure it cuz pride rules in us even saying sorry becomes so hard which is plain wrong we all need to grow up and overcome such childish thoughts.


At times we want that good looking female/male yet she/he is perishing on the inside,let everything we admire be inward and Godly cuz it’s only God can bless us with inner eye


Have a blessed week x

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