For the past few days I have been thinking about my life.It occurs to me that for a number of reason my life is disoriented. The goals I planned for especially when I graduated I’m yet to fulfill from a scale of I to ten I would give myself a score of  2.I have never sat down and actually given myself space to think and rethink about ME.Honestly if I give myself such thoughts I do get depressed. Self doubt can really frustrate you sometimes I loose hope and wonder what’s my purpose anyway.Why I’m I not like so and so who seems happier with life.Then again  I encourage myself maybe Mercy it’s not the right time when the right time comes maybe things will fall into their rightful place and so many blah blah

Self soothing trick works at least on my case.Self doubt is not a pleasant feeling. Many of us maybe or have have been in such situations it becomes very difficult to even socialize and if you’re not confident enough it tears you down to a point where you are dead at 23 and your actual burial is at the age of 80 or even 90In a world where colors don’t fade ,days pass by without a care of anybody leaves us empty with nothing but hope,dreams and faith.How can we make our days and life be better.With the usual cliché which we hardly put into consideration and I think is incredibly important to overcome some turbulent moment. It’s to make time for ourself  we are constantly chasing time and worrying too much later on we end up unhappy or even nasty

Secondly reading can be therapeutic. In a small house where I now live alone things can be tough.Keeping yourself busy with positive energy can help you swirl words and stories with someone else thought. Thinking too much which is overwhelming and consume you fully can slide under the carpet

Something to think about this week meditate by yourself. Think about what matter’s and what doesn’t .Try not to care about too many things as this can bring mental illness. Embrace the art of being positive. Be a firm believer of things happening(or not happening) for very good reason that you’ll be astonished one day.Be blessed????????????


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