I’ve been a little here and there .For me everything seems to be so repetitive. My days are filled with waking up,showering and going to work.I really feel uncomfortable especially with my work place.One can’t really deliver if the environment somehow is nasty.Then again i realize that a times people may push us hard but if you’re smart enough your mouth is used less.Some how that’s my defense mechanism.How do you avoid colleague drama?.I know some people go as far as giving up on jobs but i think i would do that whilst sustained a physical injury that obviously threatens my life.If that doesn’t happen.I’ll pull my socks a notch higher.Hands up to those of you who stay really strong in such situations.If your hand is up save this mama with some few tips

A bar of chocolate or apples soothes my soul esp  when i feel like smacking everyone.There are things in life you simply cannot control so when things don’t quite go your way it hits hard .Then again is good to get a NO in our lives.It helps us grow and i also think is incredibly important to understand the highs and lows of life

I hope you’re all have a wonderful week and the lull of Monday shouldn’t get you too down


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