My heart is filled to the brim with excitement .23 has practically flown by so fast.So, my dear 24 hello and I am pleased to meet you. I am called Mercy Jedas but since we will be spending a lot of time together ( a year,yes! One year,just us) you can call me Jedas . Almost all the people acquainted with me, call me that dear 24. Anyway, I dig race, let’s stop making it all about me. Let’s talk about what we are getting into now. I’m struck with a lingering feeling of hope and strength which is absolutely amazing.
24 what do you have in store for me?In my case, I have lots of thrilling and refreshing things in store for you.I will make you look like my favorite pair of heels worn by this woman to give her confidence and posture to conquer the world.I will make you enhance better relationship within yourself and people around you.Oh! 24 the thought of you gives me power and enigmatic force and I’ll live through you vicariously.I will lace you with sweet sentiments each day,simplicity and appreciation of the little things in life.I will feel you with lots of beautiful memories and I’ll not allow any awful shade of lilac to get over you.Do you understand?I will make you warm,quite and breathtaking like a bouquet of tulip.
You 24, you smell like a fresh beginning. I’m guilty of always saying this .This year you make it special.Even though as a little girl I always dreamed and imagined that at this enormous age I would have ran my own race and beaten my own time,I want to be patient with you and please blame it on 23.I want to carry each day and moment as it comes.I will re-invent myself with pride and happiness.I will make you starved each day to give you determination of sitting at the table and ready to be served with new things.Some you may not agree with but at least they will make you understand what makes people.I will make you accept that being different is okay ,that the world has different people and imposing your values on them is evil.
I will get to grips with trying to balance everything in life without getting burnt out.I will try to have a social life and remind myself that work without play makes Jack a dull boy (well in my case, makes Mercy a dull girl) and no one gets out on earth alive,easen up. I will self indulge myself with different books.Reading is trans formative it makes me become a better thinker, it makes me explore metaphors and swirl with words which transport me to new realms.
23,you were wonderful to me,you gave me purpose,determination and I’m super grateful to you.I promise to carry your hard taught lessons each day of my life.In case I crumble give me the reason to grow and glow by recalling how much I’ve come and how far I have to go.Tap me in my heart and whisper you still have a long race it’s just the beginning.Brace yourself and toughen up Mercy,keep running! Alouta continua is not just a Portuguese phrase, it’s what you’ll do all the time because you are you that unstoppable 21st century girl who runs her league like she invented it. I know, this might scare you a bit 24 and you might be like ‘oh my! she has attitude!’ Actually 24, that’s just called super confidence, and trust me we will need lots of it.
Lastly I would appreciate if you also took your time to check is a carefully curated christian website .Which I truly find incredible and if you are stuck to find simple inspirational books now is the time .The writer encapsulate purpose and this gives me joy to see young people go from strength to strength.

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