Hello Guys


The extent to which my life blogging is disorganized buffles me .I know it’s irritating but will try being consistent.I have no idea how but hopefully i will get a way to work things out.Cuz things get along the way of life.Making us even forget what we love doing best.The good thing is that at times the too many staffs are beneficial.DSC01339[1]DSC01343[1]

If i reflect back i can see i have issues of too much reading,waking up very early,passing through my goddamn notes .Which excites me off course.I always believe nothing comes on a silver  plate to be successful you have to go against all odds.It’s my final sem in a weeks time i will sit for my final exams.Saying goodbye to the 844 system sign!!!( The Kenyan system of education)


Personally ,it has been a worthwhile journey .I believe my hard work is finally getting a reward 🙂 .I ‘m very hardworking  the most glaring example lol.I know it  sound much more as self praise.Let’s be tasteful and honest about this .Finishing a ‘never ending’ race equates hard work.As a matter of fact if i don’t believe in myself then who will?.Self soothing trick actually works with me


Good education and grades is considered a social necessity in Kenya.Indeed an inevitable aspect of healthy functioning of all society.This collective sense has helped me and in a few months time.I will embrace that golden feeling of uniqueness .Can’t wait to get the crown .It’s so amaaaazing .Facing the endless obstacles in life and emerging victorious.Is the best feeling ever ain’t nobody gonna lie about that.


Keep enjoying your week i know here in Kenya it has been so cold for the past days.Most of us appreciated the rain.Anyway let the pictures keep you warm God bless x


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