Hello everybody!!!! I’m good as usual


What’s not to love about everything today?


The hair,the pictures,everything .I love how clothes and personal style adds power and confidence to people.This power makes you stand and feel that you actually in the right place.It’s not everyday that you always have that breathtaking look.There are a couple of days where we seriously feel rubbish lemme not call it rubbish but not done good enough.


For  me it’s when i have no lipstick on ( My friends call it my everyday ritual) which is so rare.I can’t even imagine an hour with no lipstick.No lipstick equals dry lips which sickens me.I mean why would any girl think of having dry lips???.I understand there are girls who feel it’s okay  which is also great if you are comfy enough.As for me,i’m very skeptical  about the whole issue of dry lips.I’m Mercy and very different from what others value.This actually makes life meaningful and worth living people.Everyone having a different perspective about life helps us learn.You can take that to the bank


Okay back to my outfit .Its pretty basic .I love the shoulder details of my top.It makes me want others in every single color there is …..lol.Its perfect for hot days and it adds something extra rather than the usual dull tops.DSC00873[1]

As you all have noticed i have a new hair up do .I love to experiment hairstyles transforming the curly weaves that i always have to a braided diva.I admit choosing the next hairstyle is never an easy decision.Whether i should rock something unique or emulate a fave celebrity.The latter is the  case,my Alicia Keys inspired hairstyle.Although i didn’t want the exact lines.Which of course brought out my own power to be my own stylist and i totally loooooved it .I hope i don’t have that weird and scary look 🙂


Thank you for your continued support. May God bless you all and shower each one of you with his love and grace.Bye till next time love you all x


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