Closet full of clothes story of my life,don’t  all love it when you can pull a good look from your closet even though you didn’t buy the outfit all together the latter is the case with what I’m  wearing.The Ankara flow screams a  good weekend for me i love it


I also love the story behind this outfit because it wasn’t planned at all,most of the times i usually  have mental picture of what my outfit is going to look but this was different my boo Mabel thought i should try this top cuz it has been in my closet for months now I’d seen it and taken some pictures with it and it has never crossed my mind that i would try it on my blog  lol but today was different it felt like i had struck gold.


Once i thought about it i immediately said i will try it cuz i love its embellishment and it makes me feel that classic has to be with a jeweled neckline or a good necklace to add some sparkle ,so i tried this and some of my friends didn’t like it oops ,but the Ankara skirt everybody loved it and they all asked where i just got it DSC00800[1]

Before i just forget i was featured a  week ago by the turquoise dresses and i should also show some love you can check them out on Instagram @turquoisedresses they’ve got gorgeous dresses and ladies i must say you will love them they ‘re on sale for a great pocket friendly price.


That’s all for today be blessed have a lovely hump day

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