I’m coming to you with this lovely skirt I blogged here.These lovely pieces I got aren’t cheap,but are they worth it ?abso-bloody-lutely. They are comfortable ,effortlessly and lady like eish. I love how Ankara can change an outfit entirely taking it from a casual chic here to classic chic.That’s exactly how I have been feeling when I rock this Ankara top.Regardless of how many times I debuted it.I have always gotten a couple of lovely compliments even winning myself  date nights lol.

As age is catching up with me cuz on August my brother I’ll be turning a year older can’t imagine.I completely feel I have lot of stuffs to achieve in terms of styles and many other relevant things in my life.For instance I find myself in a style rut.I’m leaning more and more towards feminine pieces with just a subtle amount of edginess .I feel I’m kinda old for soft trends though they are amazing to some people whilst rocking them.Personally  I would feel like a lost 16 year old girl and at my age I wouldn’t enjoy being mistaken for a 16 year old teen or even 19 for the record.Nah ! I’m not having that kind of life

Secondly I want to grow and unlearn some of the bullshit I have inhaled or exposed myself into.I realised life is wonderful as it is,can sometimes get on top of us and believe me I have most definitely had to face the storm before seeing the proverbial light.Not a major storm as such but the things I felt I wouldn’t get through. As the saying goes you never know how strong you can be until you overcome some turbulent times.

Unfortunately if you have been exposed to one thing over and over you’ll internalize and act according to what you’ve socialized.I’m glad I’ve realized it and it is cool enough to be open minded and unlearn some unhealthy things.It’s therapeutic. Especially when you have a major storm ,be open minded

I’m done rambling have a pretty darn week x

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