Love is the sister to truth but they differ in two ways. You must go to truth to find her. She will never come looking for you. However you are never to go looking for her sister love. Love will find you in your own divine timing, when you are ready for her. So don’t look she will come, she always does -by Suzzy

February is upon us, the month of love, the month that red holds a major significance in the market world. The month we are all made to believe red should hold a major significance in a girl’s world (such a genius marketing move!). The month, that either most relationship falls to pieces or blossom profusely like a flower in the spring period. So, in that February mood I’ll   share my own story. Aren’t we becoming family, where we sit and just share? I believe so. In my younger years I enjoyed the aspect of inhabiting the idea of a prince charming that would swirl in a girl’s life and save the little pretty princess. So, in my younger and stupid mind I knew one day I’ll meet the ONE either in a book store, school or somewhere in between who would later offer any practical assistance, buy me flowers, make me smile, give me constant compliment on how beautiful I am inside and out and then boom! Mercy would fall in love!  Lord a girl can dream.

Whilst this may have not happened or happened without me realizing it, the guys I met wanted something more than friendship. I have repelled over the opposite sex for some few years because I’m not sure how to express and pour my emotions, self-preservation, you may call it that. I have been obsessed in avoiding anything that would bring emotional turmoil. Until some people thought that I might be having deep rooted issues which make me laugh. Some of my friends would out pour their emotions to me hoping to encourage me which seriously freaked me out because I have never had a traumatic relationship in the past. To be honest, I have never had a disturbing and heart-breaking past. Come on, who in this world would think of heart breaking me? I’m phenomenal and dope. (Okay, let me be realistic, I know maybe one day I may suffer or not suffer this gigantic feeling called heart ache please God do not allow it). So whilst people narrate of nasty relationships and crazy exes and sad heart breaking moments, to me that’s alien. Guys, don’t look at me like I’m not a practical woman  I am .Additionally  I am not saying I don’t empathize or heartbreaks are right. I just wanted you to get the real picture here. While I always encourage people to pick up the pieces, I cannot explain those defining emotions from a personal experience. I have over the years guarded my heart and if I felt we are not growing together I simply let go and wish you well.

As I approach another clanging of my mid-twenties this year a feeling of oh my gawd girl sort your life out will constantly ring in my head. Oh! Gosh what I’m I doing with my life currently because thirty is around the corner? Will I be financially stable? Will I do what I have always wanted or will I die alone with my beautiful clothes and shoes in my closet. You see as you approach your mid twenty there is a tendency to want anything and everything .A crawling evil spirit of wanting you to compare yourself with your allies. In as much as wanting something better and more is not a bad idea but putting much pressure on yourself puts you at risk. Unfortunately, there are some things in life you have no control over especially the idea of self-comparison. Self-comparison may prevail especially feb month.  In my own opinion getting a life partner is something that does happen or doesn’t happen. Regardless of your situation now the pressure of finding the one at a certain age should not be normalized. Most people fall victim you keep chasing the wrong people who make zero to no effort of needing you as much as you need them. After some few years with the wrong person they regret why  they never waited. I have realized if a person truly cares about you, you will know not from words but their ACTIONS. The older you get the more you should be comfortable with yourself and it’s so great to armor yourself with immense love that anything below it can be detected from kilometers away. Some people now may be crying their hearts out reminiscing about their past beautiful memories. Girl or boy, you are beautiful inside and out and having someone who doesn’t appreciate you is not worth it. The availability of having a mate does not define your worth and the magnificent you. Do not hold onto someone who gives you mixed feeling like does she/he like me or not. When it reaches such a point learn to LET GO. Your truer mate that God has destined for you will eventually come without you even realizing it. Live to the maximum and responsibly do not put your life on hold waiting for the one. Happy valentine in advance without forgetting check out my previous post here i blogged in the course of this week.

MY FAVORITE looking like a modern day Marie Clara

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstances I am in the right place at the right time and everything happens at the exact moment .So I could be calm. Today I call it self-confidence by- Unknown

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