Hello guys


I always love the easy look lady that some dresses give me i recall having this dress at the age of 13 and still to date it always has that classy look.DSC00714[1]Many are the times where i dress and i have nowhere to go ,it has become my lifestyle to rock and have no where to go an invitation from some of you wouldn’t mind to avoid wasting a good outfit on an irrelevant day lolDSC00716[1]

During the weekends I’m too casual in case I’m not traveling cuz i sit in my house and watch some good series speaking of series  I’m so in love with a few Oh crap!!!!! i would totally glue on my big laptop the whole weekend and you all know that can be a good  wastage  of time especially if you are time conscious but once in a while it doesn’t killDSC00727[1]DSC00732[1]

This  weekend i watched agents of shield had a preview of it after visiting one of my close pal(hello ruthy stevens) i honestly got thrilled the conspiracy and story line OMG perfect now that’s a series i love the anxiousness that some series  gives me and that would totally make me to procrastinate my busy scheduleDSC00734[1]DSC00743[1]

secondly  ,i had decided to  quit the soap operas after joining campus i thought this would work quite good especially with my course that require constant reading but this last semester no way i was addicted to bridges of love ,seriously KTN soaps are the best.Jericho Rosales grows older like fine wine i knew him way back in 2004 and i was ten years when he did the promise he was the talk of town ,i remember finishing my homework so fast and at exactly 10 pm I’m glued on the screen oh Lord this memories he is too handsome for life.Were some of you watching and in love too??? hahaha got yah!! you all know how girls get when watching this things excuse us please,like we always do when watching the boring football matches lol being selfish  a little any wayDSC00746[1]DSC00750[1]DSC00752[1]

Have a lovely and a week full of God’s blessings:-)

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