Hello everyone ,i thank God that i can now relax and have my own girl time as you all know i closed school for the Christmas season and i’m not quite busy i have got to enjoy the festive season ,traveled watched movies and so happy  cuz we had a huge family moment


This pictures i took while i was still in school i honestly looked too casual hence the post title but i loooove the sweator top cuz of it’s uniqueness and it’s wider neckline.Its actually a souvenir from one of my close besties(thanks for the top girl) i’m having a good layout for my next post i’m currently sorting my faves 2015 pictures can’t wait to give you guys a boom and i’m sure you don’t want to miss that lol.Today i’m having less talks and pictures definitely before i forget i wanna thank and give a big shout out to Akoth a lovely lady i met yesterday she was so excited and told me that she does read my blog and i should make a point of blogging daily thanks again girl x okay i will see how that goes ,honestly  I’m so impressed for having a plus one friend and thanks guys for always checking out my blog and a have a blessed Happy New Year.


Excuse this sister always a smiling machine lolest lovely day

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