Some few weeks ago i eaves dropped a conversation in the salon.Salons are amazing cuz it’s where we gossip almost everything one can think off Even men lol .That’s usually a lit topic .Is he my type? I don’t think i’ll ever get married to him and all sort of conversation that concerns girls.This time a certain topic got my attention and i thought why not blog about it.I realized some of us ladies have much to learn.Don’t get me wrong some of us.It pains my heart to know that some ladies have issues with accepting who they are.We are lured undoubtedly by this social networks thinking that life is all about sunshine and beautiful rainbows.Oh boy! lemme be among those who break the bombshell on your face

Life is not all about milk and honey.Every succesful person has had their own share of ups and down.To achieve all that glamour one sees on your particular role model it’s all  about hard work and giving the little thing you may find yourself doing your all in all.So self love is paramount and God doesn’t make mistakes.We are blessed differently.To be honest we can never be the same.You can’t change who you are but you can accept who you really are.Most ladies sadly especially generation y want to have certain skin tones ,certain body shape.All in the name of keeping up with social media pressure.Personally i’m light skin,skinny in a way and endowed front wise a good one to be precise.It was a little bit difficult cuz at the age of 17 my boobs popped so i stopped being a flat chest girl to an over popped girl.Frankly i hated them even having the right bra size amounted to a huger task.I kept asking my mum to buy my bras cuz i was really ashamed and sometime the bras turned over or under size.Then later on i figured out imma love myself

This societal pressure have subjected you woman to certain assets and most of us are falling over to this ugly tricks and doing things not to impress themselves but those around them.This makes me ask why can’t you go to the salon to make YOU happy? Why can’t you wear beautiful dresses and some flamboyant statements shoes to make YOU happy?.It really sicken me to see girls doing things for the sake of showing off .Come on Ladies reallllly

If anyone cannot appreciate who you are why the hell keep them in your circle seriously?.They are better off pushed away be it your friends ,bffs et al Let them go after all it’s only you who can define the queen in you.So please don’t wait for people to shower you with lots of fake compliments to love thyself.No honey know your flaws and make them your strong holds.We can’t be HolyWood perfect.If there is any one looking for that absurd perfection let them hit the mark first.So ladies be a vessel of the Holy spirit Love thyself .You will be amazed Happy valentines to you keep in mind you are Perfect and created in God’s image .

May God bless you x Ps i’m working on this outfit  posted when i’m ready off course you’ll definitely know


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