WEEKLY SPECIAL : My cringe worthy crush

So I’ve decided to be doing a weekly special.A weekly special will consist of what thejedasblogger loves at that particular week.From faves blogs,shoes,bags, music,accessories and probably you my reader who knows you name them anything that set my heart ablaze .Aside from usual blogging.This can help my readers to know who and what keeps me going.This is a kind of structure that can help me be more consistent on my blog


So my first favorite weekly special is my legs&shoes .Some of you know why and for those who don’t lemme share.I love my legs if you’ve liked my Facebook fan page (@thejedasblogger) you already know enough about me from what i posted recently.In case you haven’t you can like my fan page below this post scroll down and you’ll definitely see it.Reasons for this great love is only a mystery i have never unravel


I get a lot of questions concerning my legs and shoes and i want to let you know .The legs i have are not the same as yours.Basically we aren’t the same how i walk is not the same as you.Let’s be clear on that .So if you want shoes like mine and later on the infatuation doesn’t last.I’m sorry Mercy is not to blame for an reasoned passion


I have a problem with my right foot it doesn’t walk straight and also stand for long.So i find myself hunting shoes more often to avoid bending my right shoe.In case the shoe just decide to be disrespectful and bends then that’s the end of it .I have no business with it no matter how good looking the shoe maybe .


Most of you have seen this pictures .Since i thought of having a weekly special.I said why not not start with one of my fave body parts aside  my bigger boobs lol. Probably my boobs will one day make a weekly special tho that would look ridiculous a loud thought any way.I always love how great my legs came out from all the photo shoot.All of them taken in the glory of https://www.instagram.com/chebii-sheilah/


She’s amazing and relateable.I miss her after we all completed our undergraduate and moved to different walks of life.Moving on i have no recent pics hopefully before my birth month ends will do a post.Meanwhile enjoy this .God bless and have a lovely weekend x


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