WEEKLY SPECIAL : pick your fave

Hello people


Today on the weekly special segment i’m sharing different fave ways i have styled my pair of jeans for the past months.This styles are almost similar which make me think i really need to strech a little bit more in terms of styling jeans.I love trousers cuz of the ease and comfort while wearing them especially on random tour.Trips/day out that were never planned at all makes me to always  grab/hunt a pair of jeans and some random flat shoes to help me rock my day.I love my comfort yes dude i do.Complicating styles and life generally is never my thing at all .For the past God knows how many months.I have been enjoying the aspect of these jeans more and more cuz


1)They have been doing the rounds over the past months with a mixture of this brightly colored  and dull tops

2)I have garnered myself many compliment about most of this lazy styles lol

3)I felt generally good in them like the usual ‘saying’ give a girl a pair of jeans her body looks good in and let her go and conquer the world.If that make sense

4)They bring back fond memories of sunny days ,friendship and lots of laugh off course with my pals without a care of anybody.It’s pretty cool to have memories of being young and wild.Later on as months goes by the reality of being a big girl strikes you Aha! big girl my brother.Then you begin to THINK BIG like Ben Carson.

So lots of love to those who have come to the realisation of adulthood.Pray for ‘us’ to have many years of Maturity lol.As usual God bless you abundantly  bye and take care x


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