By now you all know that I truly love clothes anything that spark beauty, class and style. I also have an eye for anyone who has a bit of fashion sense. Clothes are divine, trans formative and one is able to play around with clothes and be whoever he/she wants. Today on my weekly special segment I will share how to style tulle skirt and Ankara’s .I have an unhealthy obsession with Ankara’s if I had an option I would rock Ankara’s all my life without a doubt but hey the possibility of doing that are limited because fashion is dynamic.

Tulle skirt is trés chiq and it takes you away from an ordinary woman to a classy lady next door. Then the spicing of all of the spicing is added by owning any Ankara garment. I worship Ankara’s (for lack of a better word). Why I truly love Ankara’s is that I buy the material ,take it to a good tailor and dictate how on earth the design should look like. It makes me look unique, creative and super stylish lol.

A teal tulle skirt with a lace top. I love how circular the tulle skirt looks. I would rock this skirt without any doubt.

I love the combo of the salmon color and the white top. She graces the outfit with a perfect feminine edge.
Different she has not added the sparkle of any color we all could agree the tulle skirt is on another absurd level. Good styling indeed

The last two are my favorite of all my favori

Grey top whose back part is super sexy, with a mix of the pastel hues heels.
This is adorable .I want it I wish I would get such a surprise on valentines anyway it’s a wishful thinking. I’m not sure whether I’m hooked up because I really admire her body or the skirt.

If you have a tulle skirt lying on your closet like me unsure on how to style it .Well here is how to style it.

Onto the next category

Print spiced up with a denim short.Magical
Killer tops I love the versatility of this tops you can style with denim jeans or even midi pencil skirts.
Lastly this killer style, she has a good sense of Ankara styles I love her. Usually when I’m online I often if not always stalk fashion pages and she happens to be among the many fashion icons I stalk.

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