WEEKLY SPECIAL: Valentine’s hairstyle ideas

A journey to glamour and perfection with different protective hairstyle ideas given at your finger tip

Hello everyone, happy 2020 and welcome to www.thejedasblogger.com where all girlish things and occasionally boyish staffs are catered for you (I bet the dudes are rolling their eyes). Let me reintroduce myself for any new reader. I’m Mercy Wairimu ( aka Jedas) a girl in her twenties who love all things creative, from clothes, shoes and anything vaguely beautiful. Currently I’m working through life to becoming the magnificent woman that is destined to be, a spiritual gangster, manifesting beast and an attract-er of all that I desire. I’m an ultimate lover of life; I adore people, butterflies, reading books, going to the gym and the knowing that MY Soul Mate is reaching out to me soon I can feel it ,true faith. Not just any typical guy but my SOULMATE. (The thought of it makes me So Happy .Can’t wait to shower him with love. )

Okay enough of that are you wondering how to style your hair this Valentine? Well, relax cuz I’ll share protective styling tips for women to rock this coming love month.

Faux afro puff

To all naturalist like myself, a great way to look classy yet simple. The beauty part about faux afro puff they are unique, versatile and can work with short and long hair or check other unique ways to style your hair here

So amazing love it

Havana twist

This is a wonderful way to grace Valentine’s Day rocking this delicious hairstyle with the love of your life. Is it great? Huh! Havana twist is perfect for women with thick hair esp African Women so why not try this out.

Natural flat twist style

They are the easiest to do and would make a regular chiq look like Queen B next door. I tried natural flat twist styles but didn’t like the result.I would definitely try them out once more. Check its replica here did i get it right haha

Bantu Knots

They are typical African hairstyles that have endured time till this day and age. They are good and perfect for protecting natural hair. Also you can create Bantu knots at night and unravel them in the morning to have that unique curliness during the day.

Twist updo

They are one of my fave hairstyles pure perfection, easy to maintain and comfortable. They help you look neat and tres chiq. Also offer an easier way to unravel and change style depending on your mood. I will also rock a twist updo on my wedding day(lol)


For years since I started my natural hair journey I have become a diehard cornrow girl. They are my fave protective styles cuz I can leave them for weeks if well maintained. They are simple, sexy yet amazingly gorg with different looks you can create with them.

Definitely i had to be on this list

Embrace one of this hairstyles this Feb month n let your boo and hair shine. Wishing you a fab Feb month filled with love, joy and light. Those of you celebrating valentine solo ain’t any big deal; don’t bit the drum of absence of a lover, be happy, take yourself on cozy date, buy yourself flowers, mate with your Soul first ,adore the perfection of you, rendezvous with the marvelousness of yourself. Don’t feel jealous when you see happy couples at work, school or anywhere just feel the anticipation of I’m almost there I’m almost there too. Then one day when you are in vibration alignment with who you truly are, you will bump into your soul mate and scream to the whole world that he or she was worth the wait. Don’t rush; don’t settle for less, there is someone somewhere looking for who you truly are. True to Rumi’s word what you are seeking is seeking you. You are magnificent, terrific, phenomenal, delightful, brilliant, and breathtaking with or without a lover. Do not chase or be desperate true love will find you in your perfect divine time, when you are ready to love another human being. You are love and you deserve true love. God bless you may all your desire set forth into fulfillment.

There is great love for you always and always bye x

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