WEEKLY SPECIAL: Braided hairstyles For Black Women

Happy Tuesday guys! I love braids,they are beautiful and easier enough to protect your hair without really caring about styling for about 3 weeks .Do you have difficulties in choosing the next hairstyles to rock.Then relax we are on the same boat especially if you hate repeating hairstyles like me.I’ll share some few details that kinda sort me out

Make google your friend. Learn to check the trending hairstyles that suit your taste. Google is one of my best tools when it comes to choosing hairstyles and other things as well alternatively scroll through Pinterest

(scrolled through Pinterest )

Secondly look for a good salon that can help you achieve your desired look.Some people prefer YouTube tutorials. I’m quite yet to learn and master the art of doing it by myself. Sincerely speaking I’m neither bothered nor interested in learning to do it cuz triple fishtail and plaited topknot art ain’t no easy job my friend

(got this hairstyle from google I kinda emulated it here)

I also think if you’re a natural fanatic happily joined the movement last year protective hairstyles does a very good job in giving your hair a little bit break

(my recent hairstyle evident from my previous post here)

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