WEEKLY SPECIAL;Into the Life Of a Collector of Hope

It is a lovely Friday, afternoon. My body feels tired, my mouth is crackly, and my heart feels grateful. The year has been so intense and I cannot quite believe how time flies fast. Unsaid words and, incomplete work waiting to roll off with the simplest intonation. Looking back and checking up with my memory lane sister brings us here. She is cool, teaches a lot. Please visit yours from time to time. You’ll be surprised how much she can teach you this sister memory lane.

Its December folks! Not the nyama choma and kuku kind of December. This planning and analyzing what we have done with the gift of life God favored us with this year . That is the December that came to mind when November walked out on us and introduced December to us.  New Year resolutions cannot be quantified because the whole year has felt noticeably useless or rather life throwing curves and balls that are bigger than you can handle. The only thing left is crying, complaining and hoping for the best. You are not alone, that I can assure you. I hope the few words I have penned down resonate with you.

I turned a year older this year. ‘Mercy soon you’ll soon be in your late twenties!’ I remember exclaiming to myself as I blogged during my birthday post here. As a young girl, this enormous age signified inspirational, smelt like an expensive lady wearing Victoria secret lingerie, strutting down the streets whilst owning a channel bag .Or rather digging my toes in the sand wielded in a warm comfy hotel. Essentially the very opposite of me right now I barely afford my dream handbag, lipstick and I’m okay with that. Life is messy our aspirations do not match our expectations.  If you are like now then your bank accounts and your goals are not even remotely related. They could be parallel or better yet enemies for now. But I understand we all have different paths of life. Additionally, I need to crawl before flying.

This brings me to my next idea. Well, not really different from my ideas above, but related. You could call my ideas mother and child or father and child, equality I tell you. Okay so we rush back to our discussion on life. In this day and age, social media has created an illusion of unrealistic expectations. Daily world views derived from people posting every single detail about their damn lives (please stop it’s boring as hell). It gets even worse when we think our peers doing better than expected. Oh boy! This drives most of us to a mixture of extreme frustration. A sense of fear tethered in our hearts wondering how on earth will our future look like? But how do you navigate these kinds of frustration and hope for a better tomorrow?

  1. Be a collector of hope, dreams and aspiration. I am a collector of anything vaguely amazing. No matter how life pulls you down, tap your back and silently say there is light at the end of every tunnel.
  2. Talk to people. In as much as some of us enjoy the aspect of spending time alone we need to make a few friends. We need to review our being notoriously introverted and picky. Especially when constantly self-reflecting our lives and the future, this will push us towards thoughts and self-doubts.
  3. Be your own cheerleader. Despite drowning in a dark sea of darkness maybe caused by intense fear of the unknown, broken relationships and continuous failures. It will pass, keep holding on and before you even blink a master plan will unfold right in front of your eyes. Soon you will realize the rocky hills you climbed that seemed futile were truly directing you to the right place.
  4. Be kind to yourself. Do not worry about your age, youth or even your social class. All these will one day be a mere bump to your ladder. You, my darling, will achieve so much and motivate as many as you can. People will gravitate towards your masterpiece of success and you will even begin to wonder what people find good in you considering that you came from a bubble of darkness. So, when that time comes just know it will be because you thrived with hope, love and kindness

To all those with big aspiration and goals. Keep holding on do not give up. You are the candle that will one day sprout and shine. So, DARE TO COLLECT HOPE.

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