WEEKLY SPECIAL:The Almighty styles for petite women

hello guys,

Usually i get a lot of inboxes from different people with beautiful views.The relevant ones off course i take into consideration.So a few days ago one of my readers pushed me out of my comfort zone and suggested this

We talked a little bit and to be honest i found her very interesting to a point where we even exchanged contacts .Can you imagine?. I have never done this before exchange contacts nah bra for those who know me personally they all know i have deep boundaries and long walls for you to cross with a few chats you must have been so cool.I took up the challenge and here we are

It is pretty amazing to accept things that we all know can never be changed your body shape is a perfect example.Are you petite and it’s quite a task to find clothes that adds sexiness and confident in your pettiness . Well The Jedas Blogger has come to your rescue.Sometimes being petite feels like a serious impediment to your style especially to some people who are height challenged.Over the past years fashion has changed people have broken ‘the old fashion rules’.We have invented our appropriate dressing codes which is amazing cuz creativity has had massive growth as a result of ‘breaking fashion rules’

Nevertheless,the most important thing in fashion is to dress with confidence and elegance in whatever body shape or size you are.The art of being comfortable in your own skin.Embrace your body don’t shy away from or be embarrassed about your figure That is why i have come up with a few guidelines you can follow to accentuate your rocking body.A few clever fashion tips to flatter your figure and make your shopping a whole lot easier

1)Embrace your assets by finding clothes that flatter your figure either vertical stripes or monochrome outfits or choose outfit to emphasize your figure with a skinny belt so as to bring your natural waist

2)Try to choose garments with less detailing since extra fabric add to much bulkiness

3)Wear fitted skirts or dresses above your knee as this elongates your leg but if you insist having long skirts or dress make sure they are really long

4) Avoid big and over sized accessories


4)Tuck in your shirts or blouses.This is an easy way to get your clothes fit closer to your figure. You will have a more flattering figure which is not a bad thing

Meet Lynette defining her body figure by wearing a party dress and a statement necklace which i absolutely adore if i ever meet you ps this should be a souvenir .This outfits are timelessly sexy you can dress up or down depending on what you want to pair it with


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