WEEKLY SPECIAL:Wearing his shirt by a guest blogger

Hello people

My name is Ruth ( ruthystevens.co.ke).Today the lovely Miss Jedas has granted me the opportunity to put into words and share this idea I have been toying with for a while now.I hope you enjoy reading and if you have time give me some feedback.

Wearing His Shirt

Mens clothing ,worn by women,always has a certain allure to it.Something about the musclinity of the clothes and the femininity of the woman creates a blend that never goes wrong. I specifically like the Shirt.So I’m here today to show you a few ways I would wear His Shirt


To pull this look,His shirt should be a little larger than you.You keep the shirt unbuttoned,wrap the two sides over each other and then add a belt over it.Chose the thickness of the belt that you are most comfortable with.What should be constant about the belt is the tightness.Tighten the belt over your wasteline and give the shirt an illusion of pouffiness .

Depending on the length of the shirt,you can wear it alone or pair it with tights.Skinny Jeans or a pencil skirt.This look is simple and can go with almost any shoe.Whether high flat,closed or open, pick the shoe that fits your mood and rock it.


His shirt can also be tied to  a knot to complete your look.The level at which you tie the knot makes all the difference.

First you can button up a few buttons to your waistline then tie the part that remains to the waistline this look works best paired with skinny jeansSecondly, you can leave all the buttons open and tie the knot just below your chest. This turns out as a casual comfortable look.His shirt can be tied like this over a tiny dress or tight top.It can also be worn like this by itself if one is comfortable

Whether you chose to Belt -it-up or Tie-it-up be comfortable and make sure you enjoy the look.

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